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I grew up in a sleepy little Devon village, and I would never have thought I would end up in London dating dominatrix Kensington escorts like Before I came to London, I was not interested in domination at all, but I happen to watch a porn movie one night, and in the movie there was a great dominatrix scene. It really turned me on, and the next day I found myself surfing the Internet for dominatrix services in London. They were quite a lot of them and in the end I ended up finding a dominatrix Kensington escorts service where I live in Kensington.


At first I was very hesitant but after a couple of days, I did manage to pick up the phone and call the lady. She seemed really normal, and was not concerned that I had not dated dominatrix Kensington escorts before. I thought it was going to be a huge problem but she suggested that I book a two hour date so that she could explain everything. On the phone she sounded like this was the most natural thing in the entire world, and a couple of days later I found myself in taxi on the way to her dungeon.


This really nice lady meet me at the door, and offered me a drink. She explained that I was not allowed to drink alcohol as I may agree to something which I did not want to do. Her name was Lena, and she more than anything reminded me of a good friend. She asked if I was giver or taker, and I had to say that I did not understand what she meant. Apparently, she was a giver so that meant that she would dominate me. If she would have been a taker, I would have dominated her.


Relieved to know a bit more, I entered her dungeon and it really took me back at first. It looked a bit like a torture chamber but once again Lena was very natural about everything. She explained to me about safe or break words which meant we would stop playing. They were to be used if I felt uncomfortable or did not want to play anymore. Lena asked me if I enjoyed pain and I said that I did a little bit. She showed me some of the things which we could play with to inflict some slight pain, and we tried a couple.


Anyway, a couple of months later I am still dating dominatrix Kensington escorts and I really enjoy it. I didn’t think that I had it in me, but since I started dating dominatrix Kensington escorts, I sort of feel liberated in a strange kind of way. I really enjoy but I have not shared my pleasures with my family back in Devon.I think if I get a girlfriend, I will have to tell her about my little quirk but then again she might be into dominance as well. I really hope she is so that we can play together.

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